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"Real solutions to big issues for performance boaters. Products that will increase your time on the water, improve safety, and keep your repair costs at a minimum. Our products were developed through our real life experiences, and we believe they will change the boating industry as we know it."

Our Top Products

The DriveGuardian

DriveGuardian is a patented device (US 8,771,087) that replaces the Bravo rubber coupler or damper plate with a torque-limiting clutch that absorbs and dissipates the spikes.

DriveGuardian eliminates the source of the damage instead of playing a losing game of trying to make each component strong enough to handle 4X the engine’s torque. 


DriveGuardian Bravo


DriveGuardian NXT


DriveGuardian SSM

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About Marine Design Corp

We are avid offshore power boaters, just like you.  We raised our children going boating every weekend, and even after 24 years we all still enjoy it.

Illinois has a very short boating season, and when we used to break drives, we could easily be out for the rest of the season…not to mention the financial expense of replacing a drive, and lost quality time with our family.
So during those long winter months, Mike started thinking about how to avoid breaking another drive. Since driving it gently and only on the calmest of days was really not an option for us, he invented DriveGuardian.

Looking for a copy of the White Paper for DriveGuardian?

Upcoming Events

Join in the fun and see Marine Design Corp products in action this upcoming 2022.

Miami International Boat Show


MDC will be in the CP Performance booth and will be announcing several new products

TickFaw 200 Poker Run


Lake of the Ozarks 2022 SHOOTOUT


February 2023

Ultra Series High Performance Drive Package

Mike & Noelle were very gracious & knowledgeable, and to make a special trip to troubleshoot. We couldn't thank them enough. Great customer service!
Bob & Terri
The Drive Guardian is an outstanding product, high quality billet construction

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