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We are avid offshore power boaters, just like you.  We raised our children going boating every weekend, and even after 24 years we all still enjoy it. Illinois has a very short boating season, and when we used to break drives, we could easily be out for the rest of the season…not to mention the financial expense of replacing a drive, and lost quality time with our family.
So during those long winter months, Mike started thinking about how to avoid breaking another drive. Since driving it gently and only on the calmest of days was really not an option for us, he invented DriveGuardian.

We installed the very first DriveGuardian at the beginning of the 2013 boating season in our own boat, and drove it like it was meant to be driven. Any water, any time, and FAST. Summer of 2013 was our first season ever without a broken drive!  Of course, the fuel bill was definitely higher, but that ‘s okay!
DriveGuardian is a torque-limiting clutch that scrubs off the damaging torque-spikes that drives experience when running over choppy water, or exiting and re-entering the water.  These torque-spikes can be 2-4x the torque output of the engine.  DriveGuardian is specifically calibrated to be 5-10% higher than the engine’s peak torque.  Getting on plane will never cause the DriveGuardian to slip, and your drive will never see more torque than what the DriveGuardian is calibrated for. 

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A unique DriveGuardian feature is even while dissipating a torque-spike, 100% of the engine’s output is always being delivered to the propeller.  You will not lose any speed, or acceleration with a DriveGuardian installed.  DriveGuardian replaces the stock coupler, and no engine movement, or modifications are required.

Developed in 2012 and patented in 2013, rigorous and extensive testing went into the development of DriveGuardian.  Using his own boat, Mike Clesceri President of Marine Design Corporation installed a data logger and strain gauge on his 42’ Fountain and went for a ride in 1-3’ waves on Lake Michigan.


After analyzing the data, Mike was able to determine the severity and duration of the torque-spikes.  This confirmed that torque-spikes were definitely the leading cause of pitted gears and twisted shafts.

With the test data in-hand, Mike built a pair of prototypes and installed them on his boat.  Without a DriveGuardian Mike was replacing his upper gears every 50-60 hours due to pitting.  Six years and 250 hours later the gears still look great, with zero signs of pitting.

Then Mike set out to find someone willing to test it on their boat.  Jason Saris of Performance Marine Engines in Bolton Landing, NY was the first one to be willing to try it.  And he put a pair of DriveGuardians on his OPA Class 4 race boat with stock Bravo XR drives!  Prior to installing DriveGuardians Team Saris would replace their upper gears every 3-4 races, they now get three seasons of racing on one set of gears!

The race world is a small and close knit group of people, so once Team Saris started using DriveGuardian, word spread quickly.  Marine Design now has a large number of race teams running DriveGuardian with dozens of National and World Championships.
Ask us how we can help you stop breaking drives, so you can spend your entire season on the water, too!

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