About TrimSync

TrimSync improves the safe operation of your multiengine performance boat by effortlessly keeping your sterndrives or outboards trimmed perfectly even. Just push your trim button(s) and TrimSync will instantly compensate for engines that inevitably trim at different speeds. Having the prop shafts even eliminates potentially dangerous handling issues, increases efficiency, and in many cases will improve speed. Most importantly, eliminating the need to constantly monitor the trim indicators and manually adjust individual engines allows the operator to focus on driving.

Installation is plug-and-play with models available for up to three sterndrives or up to five outboards. TrimSync’s proprietary logic controller is 2X-4X more accurate than is possible using digital trim indicators. There are no extra buttons or complicated operating instructions, just push the button and TrimSync does the rest.

TrimSync Control


TrimSync Race Edition
TrimSync Race Edition "Plus"

TrimSync Race Edition

TrimSync Race Edition includes all of the features of our basic TrimSync, AND allows the user to program up to four preset positions that can be recalled with the push of a button.  Typically, one preset would be the highest you would ever want to safely trim at speed.  Another might be 2°-3° below neutral for when you encounter a wave.  Race Edition allows you to quickly and safely trim to your “sweet spot” without having to watch the trim indicators or worry about over-trimming at high speeds.

TrimSync Race Edition is also available for outboard / jack plate combinations, which greatly reduces the complexity of coordinating the position of each separately.  With up to four presets the user can move the engines and jack plates in unison to their individual pre-programmed positions, with a single push of a button.  Of course, all presets can be easily overridden by simply pressing any other trim button, just as you would normally do.

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