Ultra-Series Package

High Performance Drive

The staff at All American Drive Service continuously strive to identify and upgrade the weakest components of a drive. Over the years, the case, towers, gears, bearings and lubricants have been modified to more efficiently handle the rigors of high performance boating activities.

While upgrades to the individual drive components have dramatically increased the durability of the overall assembly, the shock of the inherent torque spikes from re-entering the water under speed can, will and does create enough energy over a fraction of a second to easily overwhelm the best internal components available.

Recognizing the effects of torque spikes on drive components and finding a way to limit these spike led us to the “DriveGuardian” by Marine Design Corporation. The “DriveGuardian” is preset for maximum horsepower and is mounted in place of the engine coupler and controls torque spikes by absorbing and spinning away the excess energy when the torque spike occurs. This takes the excess shock off the drive components and subsequently extends the longevity of the drive.

When we combine the best drive components and lubricants along with the “DriveGuardian” to control the torque spikes, we can offer a drive assembly that can and will out-perform and outlast a normal drive, minimizing the down time and repair costs.

As a result, we proudly offer the “Ultra Series” drive package which includes our specially built drive containing our best components along with the “DriveGuardian” to limit the torque spikes. With the “Ultra Series” package, we comfortably offer a 1 year warranty for boats up to 850 hp and a 2 year warranty for boats up to 700 hp.



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